“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” – Carl Rogers

My Passion is learning about people. I pride myself on being a curious person and am ready to listen. I hope to be someone that can help encourage you look at things a different way.

Induvidual Therapy: As a curious and empathetic person I am interested in helping you to identify your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Empowering you to change the things you want to change and exploring the areas where you feel resistance to change. Change is hard for most of us and through the therapeutic relationship I hope to create a safe space to help you to start exploring areas of your life that are no longer working for you. We will work as a team and I will invite you to use your voice not only in therapy but also in your relationships in your own life.

Family Therapy: Family therapy can open the doors to understanding. We all want to be heard, understood, and accepted by our family members and for most people it can be difficult to break old family dynamics in the hopes of something changing for the better. I have a passion for family therapy, and as a person who is very close with my own family I understand that we all have fears about bringing up things that will be hard for the people we love to hear. In our family sessions I strive to make sure that every person feels like they are given a voice and that no one is to blame. We will explore old family patterns and determine how each member can do their part to contribute to a positive change that will feel good for the whole.

Couples Therapy: Whether you have been in a relationship for 1 week, 1 year or 10 years often times we find that we need a third person, an impartial party, to come in and observe things we may not be able to see ourselves. In couples therapy I like to start by exploring the positive parts of your relationship that are going well and build upon those parts before we start to change the areas where each person might be feeling neglected, forgotten, or disrespected. From there I will act as a conductor making sure each person is able to express themselves in ways that the other can feel heard and understood. Each person in a relationship should feel like they each equally matter to making that relationship move forward and I will encourage each of you to play an active role in the couples therapy process. In this way we can heal old wounds and find a place where you can move forward together.

Adolescents: I can remember how challenging it was during my pre-teen and teenage years. There are so many changes and we are constantly having to adapt. Whether it is friendships, school, body image, or parents just driving you nuts 🙂 there are so many things that you have to juggle. This is a time of exploration and self discovery and I love helping teenagers to find their true self among all the chaos. I understand how hard it can be to open up to someone and always want to make sure that my adolescent clients feel like they can have their own space to talk, while working together with the parents to help them understand how they can help as well.

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating: Struggling with your relationship with food and your body can leave you feeling alone and hopeless. I believe that eating disorders are a communication disorder in that many people use their eating and their body as a way to express their emotions and their pain. I will help you to identify feelings and we will work together to explore underlying issues that have lead to using the eating disorder to cope. I want to help to develop a relationship where you can trust me to talk about your self-esteem, trauma, relationships, negative thinking, and anything else that has led up to this point. Once we establish trust I can help you to identify areas where you want to change and empower you to choose your healthy-self in all areas of your life.

Exercise Addiction: Often we don’t realize that exercise can be considered a problem, but for some people what would be considered “healthy” has crossed a line into obsessive. If you feel like you have to work out in order to eat, struggle to miss a day of exercise, or skip out on participating in friendships because of exercise, I can help. We live in a society where being in shape is promoted as a positive thing but for some people it can turn into a lifestyle that isn’t necessarily good for them. I will work together with you to understand what your individual relationship with exercise looks like and establish what it is helping you to avoid. Some of us literally run (etc.) away from our problems. Eventually these issues catch up to us and our bodies need rest, I want to help teach you how to have a healthy relationship with your feelings and with movement.

Trauma: You are not a victim of your past. I believe that most of us have suffered from something. Whether that is something big or something small, any situation that you felt was difficult or less than nurturing is valid. I work with people to help them understand what has happened in their past and help them to ground themselves in the present moment. To help people to heal from trauma I utilize EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and CPT (cognitive processing therapy) techniques. I recognize that a lot of these negative experiences can leave people feeling vulnerable and that this is not always easy to talk about. We will build a gentle, trusting, safe environment where it is safe for you to process trauma in your own time. My goal is to help people to not feel like these experiences continue to haunt them but that it is just a chapter of life that we can move forward from.

Addiction & Substance Abuse: If you or someone you know is struggling with substances you probably feel lost, hopeless, ashamed and scared about how to start the process. I help guide people struggling with dual diagnosis to get the support they and their family need to begin (one day at a time) their journey toward sobriety. I understand that what leads someone to substance abuse is usually rooted in a lot of other symptoms including anxiety and depression. I will help by teaching you how to implement tools and skills to find new ways to cope with lifes inevitable ups and downs.

Additional Services

Licensed Clinical Supervisor

I have had the opportunity to learn from many brilliant supervisors and one of my biggest passions is training and supervising others. The key to being a good therapist is knowing when to ask for help. Over the years I have been inspired by supportive supervisors and would love to inspire new therapists in the field. If you or your facility is looking for clinical supervision for associate marriage and family therapists please contact me.

Therapeutic Meal Support

I have always had a good relationship with food and hope to help others enjoy, taste, and appreciate food not only for nourishment but for social connection, joy, and love. I offer in home and restaurant meal support to facilitate beginning a healthy relationship with food. Reach out to learn more about meal support!